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I love reading books ever since I was a little girl! Nowadays I like to give my opinion on books I read, so I've started writing and blogging reviews. Favorites genres; Cozy Mysteries, Mysteries and Biographies.

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Alpine for You - Maddy Hunter The first page was a bit 'blurry' for me, because you fall right into the story, but this first book in this series is a fantastic and funny read! Emily Andrews goes to Switzerland together with her grandmother (nana) and a group of senior citizens from their hometown.
The trip Emily had in minds turns out to be something totally else. While envisioning to see the beauty of Switzerland, there is fog all day, the food is terrible, her suitcase gets misplaced and her hotel room(s) are not what she expected.

Then, a member on their tour dies. Emily doesn't think to much of it and meets Inspector Etienne Miceli, a gorgeous man with a various accent. She learns from him that the death of their tourmember is not just a death, it's murder! Soon another victim falls and Emily realizes that there might be a killer in her tourgroup. She tries to solve the murder together, have a little romance on the side and enjoy her holiday.

Emily is a great character, funny and never out of comments. I also loved her interactions with Nana, her grandmother. They are a great pair and I loved reading their ways to 'defend themselves' in case of an emergency. Plus, Nana is a 'great' help when Emily's suitcase is misplaced. Nana loves wearing pastels.

I can't wait to read the rest of the books in this series and see what Emily and Nana live through in their visiting trips! It's definitely a fun read, not heavy, lightweight and all is balanced well.