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Elvis and the Dearly Departed - Peggy Webb I had no idea what to expect really, a Basset Hound who thinks he is Elvis Presley? I thought the book would be from his point of view, but I have to say that that is happily not the case. However, after each chapter you read a small chapterkind that has Elvis’ thoughts on the situation and that I do like.

I found the book a bit difficult to follow. Many loose ends or things that happened and I was thinking what just happened? Like the moment Callie and Lovie are in Vegas. The whole event was unrealistic especially when Callie and Lovie flee from the crime scene. I expected the cops to be at her place about two chapters later, but none of the sort. Callie went on to her business as beautician and her fight for Elvis. The first that it got mentioned again was way, way later… It was hard to keep up the storylines and it was going from here to there and over there and back again.

The only thing that really bothered me seemingly was the relationship between Callie and Jack. They have been married, now in divorce and Elvis is the subject they can’t get an agreement over. However, Callie mentions a lot about how she just wants the divorce to be done, but ends up in bed with Jack a lot…. Really, a lot! And every time she sees him, she gets weak in the knees. I really didn’t like that a lot, I mean you usually get a divorce for a reason… So, yeah.
Oh, what also kinda annoyed me was the “I’m wearing Prada shoes”, “Wearing my Jimmy Choo Sandals” and “I parked my Dodge Ram”. Just call it shoes and car… Once I know one rides a Dodge Ram, the next time I read about the car, the word ‘car’ is good enough.

I will read the second installment since I did like the concept about Elvis the basset hound, but if it continues to be this way, I don’t think I will finish the series.