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I love reading books ever since I was a little girl! Nowadays I like to give my opinion on books I read, so I've started writing and blogging reviews. Favorites genres; Cozy Mysteries, Mysteries and Biographies.

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Top O' the Mournin' - Maddy Hunter Join Emily in her trip to greener then green Ireland in this second book by Maddy Hunter! I loved the first book which was set in Switzerland and I couldn't wait to start with this one either.
After Emily has lived through the Switzerland vacation it's now time for her, Nana and the troupe of Iowan Seniors to set out to Ireland. At the hotel where they will spent their first night, Emily meets her ex-husband Jack, who we learned in the first book loved to wear Emily's lingerie. Now, he is better known as Jackie. Also Emily's new Beau, Swiss Police Inspector Etienne Micelli decided to join the tour to spent more time with Emily.

I really enjoyed this book as Maddy Hunter is a great writer and has a real knack for writing funny. The book is loaded with fun elements (like when Emily and Jackie go searching for the dungeon when the power cuts out or the fantastic dining room scene where the group finds out who Jackie really is), conversations and situations, you can't help but smile or laugh at the things Emily needs to go through. Never mind her many attempts of trying to be alone with Etienne which are hilarious.

Let's also not forget Nana, Emily's grandmother. In this book she is even funnier then in the first. Nana photographs everything, really everything, no matter what happens or what the situations is. I also love the way Nana lets Emily know that there's a body in the room. I wish I had a Nana like that! Not with the murder of course, but just the way she is, a lovely and funny woman.
As a reader you quickly get soaked into the story! It's a quick read because you just want to continue and you really read a lot of pages in a short time.

The book has an extra cozy feeling because you join the same group of Iowan seniors as in book one. I like that a lot because you know the people and their tricks (which they apply vividly throughout the book). There are also a few new characters which we get to know. Hopefully some will be on the next book as well. The ending was very surprising, I had no idea of the real murderer and was wrong the whole time! Love it when that happens! Also, at the end of the book, we learn a whole new side of Nana!