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I love reading books ever since I was a little girl! Nowadays I like to give my opinion on books I read, so I've started writing and blogging reviews. Favorites genres; Cozy Mysteries, Mysteries and Biographies.

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Pall in the Family - Dawn Eastman The first thing I noticed when I started this book was that it wasn't an easy read Cozy Mystery like I've read before. Not that it's a bad thing, but for my feeling I wasn't reading it as fast as I did with others (which I already noticed when I was around page 40 or so), I can't pinpoint why exactly, but it was just a feeling. It's also not much filled with humor. The humor that is in the book, mostly comes from the dogs that Clyde walks, especially Baxter, he's a big brown dog that drools a lot! Just the kind I like! The scenes where Clyde tries to get him in the car made me laugh out loud. Other then that, it's a more serious book, but still cozy, just not as humorous as others.

The characters are great! There are many characters, but all introduced very well and you really get to know each one of them and what the relationship is between them. I was a bit annoyed by Clyde's mom and aunt who continuously tell Clyde she should 'embrace her gift'. I can understand in a way, but it was made clear a tad too much... basically every time the family came together. I just hope there will be less "Clyde needs to accept her gift" pushing from mom and aunt and less Clyde fighting against it if there comes another book. I would like it if she chooses and everyone accepts the choice. Whatever it is.
Mac and Clyde are old flames and I loved how their story was told and we also get to know the background of their relationship and why certain things happened.

During reading I had a few suspects in mind, but the true murderer revealed to me by reading the book 'till the end. With the guesses I made, I was right, but the motives behind the crimes were really cleared in the end and that was one thing I could not have guessed. Almost at the end of the book I got misdirected with my suspicions in suspects. I loved that last minute spin up of things!
All in all a great book!

It's a great first book in a series I certainly hope will continue, so I definitely recommend it!