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I love reading books ever since I was a little girl! Nowadays I like to give my opinion on books I read, so I've started writing and blogging reviews. Favorites genres; Cozy Mysteries, Mysteries and Biographies.

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Getting Old Is Murder (Dell Mystery)

Getting Old Is Murder - Rita Lakin I LOVED IT! Sorry for the caps, but I seriously loved this book! The whole idea of an elderly lady being the lead character! And her friends, they are some portraits! I loved how they all got explained so you can get into the story with an idea of who everyone is. The idea of the murders were also good and I never expected the killer to be the one!

You really get the idea of cozy when reading the day by day of these elderly ladies and how life stirs up when a murder occurs!

Now I have to say I love the series 'The Golden Girls' and somehow they were in my head during reading this book.

I would certainly recommend it to others and I'm giving the book 5 stars!